Breakfast on a day like this...

by Eiram Marie September. 28, 2010 3637 views

I have been thinking about a traditional cake for this holiday morning (st. Wenceslas day ) and I chose apple strudel - a pastry popular in the former Habsburg empire.
It is made of strudel dough, which is very difficult to made from scratch, but you can buy it frozen in any grocery shop here. You roll the dough out and fill it with grated apples, raisins, almonds and wallnuts, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. It tastes great and smells even better.

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Amber 6 years, 11 months ago

Mmmm! fantastic!

6 years, 11 months ago Edited
Melanie Olson 7 years ago

Oh my - you certainly are a wonderful pastry chef!

7 years ago Edited
Cyclist 7 years ago

again a cookie. I wish... :)

7 years ago Edited
Masoud Ahmadpoor 7 years ago

I'd like ... !

7 years ago Edited
Finbarr 7 years ago

l AM HUNGRY !!! you must send me some of your beautiful cakes,

7 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 7 years ago

These look great. I do wish Photoblog had 'smellyvision'!! ;-)

7 years ago Edited
Ricardo 7 years ago

I get always hungry any time I see your cakes and foods!

7 years ago Edited
Andrew 7 years ago

Wow that looks good! Can you do poppyseed cake next please.

7 years ago Edited
Kate 7 years ago

this is truly an image good enough to eat...and yes you can smell it :)))

7 years ago Edited
Rodica O 7 years ago

From the first shot I was sure it's home made, you can tell the difference even just by looking...Nothing can be better...Hmm, where can I get that now...??! ;)

7 years ago Edited
Davorka ČEoviä‡ 7 years ago

mmmmm, I would like to try, I think now I feel that wonderful smell......... great shots !!

7 years ago Edited
Huiching 7 years ago

Wow. I can smell these delicious meal!!!

7 years ago Edited
Goolikhash 7 years ago

hey everybody
have you ever seen that a shot can send the good smells?
no? really? can find one here....
that is great and YUMMY dear....

7 years ago Edited