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view from the top. ;) my first try to do paintography. i am so back and i cant wait to share some photos with you guys. hugs and kisses!

me: hey crunch! what to do? crunch: RUN me: RUN barefoot? seriously? nevermind,i'll ask hEATh instead.

candid shots.:D excuse my face guys hahaha i look so ugly and i haven't brush my hair yet. hahaha this is how i look when i feel so lazy and don't want to do…

I'm not a tea person but i love the smell of this japanese tea.;) Tea contains antioxidants, has less caffeine than coffee,may reduce your risk of heart attack…

the most Lady Gaga look-a-like in the Philippines. http://www.facebook.com/LadyGagitaOfficial [facebook.com]

I remember sunny mornings And summer evenings Now you're not next to me And I am freezing -simple plan
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