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by Elinordin August. 13, 2007 2420 views

D and me spotted 3 deers yesterday during our late afternoon walk not far from our house. So today with our nature ranger (while his sister was busy with myspacing & youtubing at home), we were hoping to snap photos of them. But I guess the deers have migrated somewhere else in the wood.

An afternoon with kids in front of our house under the maple tree.

Kids were busy picking the leaves around the house. Sarah was taping and labeling the Gingko leaves and the rest in her notebook.

They were looking for the names of the trees in the book that they rented from Ann Arbor library. Hmm.. now they can't wait for the leaves to turn to vibrant colors in Fall.

While Daddy and Mommy were busy eating the yummy tortilla chips… heheh

Yup those are apples, kiddos.

Hey, are those blueberries?

Spot the Bee please…

… and another one.

The oak tree produces acorns once a year during fall, so the squirrels can stock them up for the winter, not new to the kids but now they see acorns for real.

They collected lots of them to feed the squirrels

The squirrel was enjoying the acorn!

We spotted a hole and saw a cute ‘squirrel like’ animal running fast to hide from us.

Farhan later confirmed that thing we spotted was a Woodchuck. Just for that, he went to the Library to borrow ‘Mammals of Michigan’ book.. he also took ‘Trees of Michigan’. It was very difficult to take photo of this shy woodchuck.

Lots and lots of geese. I love watching them flying in echelon formation. Yeah, you can see them everyday in this Northwood area. It's very peaceful living here if you love nature. Luckily we did not choose to stay somewhere else near central campus.

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Elinordin 14 years ago

Ma: Yeah.. let us go thru all the seasons and tell you when is the right time to come so that your trip will be worthwhile. Furthermore, we need to buy more pillows, more plates & spoons. At the moment, just enough for the 4 of us.. hahaha. I'm glad that you like this photoblog as I guess this is a good platform to share with all of you & we dun have to repeat stories & send pictures every time. And I'll try my very best to keep it up-to-date.

14 years ago Edited
Elinordin 14 years ago

Kak Lin: With open arms, we welcome all of you :-)

14 years ago Edited
Nikelin Nikrashid 14 years ago

Looking at these beautiful pictures, makes me wanna make plans with my kids and Ma to go visit you very soon... perhaps during the school holidays????

So make sure you be prepared OK....

14 years ago Edited
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