The long walk to buy stamps...

by Elinordin September. 08, 2007 2248 views

D wanted to buy stamps; I suggested buying them from the machine at Kroger. Hmm… let’s go to the Post Office itself, he countered my suggestion. It was 7pm and the weather was nice, I could not refuse an afternoon walk. Sarah and Farhan wanted to follow as well. At Plymouth-Nixon Junction, D led us to take an early left turn to Nixon instead of Green Road. Why not we explore the North Neighborhood? It was very peaceful and serene condo-living area. These are luxury condos ~ I would say this is where upper-middle class residents live.

Hey…that’s Clague Middle School. Initially I thought Sarah would be enrolled to this school because it’s the closest to our house. In fact, I’ve sent them email from Malaysia asking about the enrollment and requirements. But then in the US, Public School assignments are designated by the apartment address. So Northwood IV addresses go to Tappan Middle School and Angell Elementary School for Farhan. I guess this is why they can align it with School Bus services. Some people in the US purposely buy property in order to register their kids to a good school. We were told that Angell and Tappan are good schools in Ann Arbor and I’ve seen both score 10 in greatschools rating.

Look up kids! Wow..The largest and longest flock of birds that I have ever seen!

It was beautiful! We could not capture it using this lil camera.

This is Tornado siren for North Neighborhood area. We have educated the kids to seek cover when they hear tornado warning sirens (hope it will never happen). If we are at home, then we have to go down to our basement.

It was really a long walk and still we could not find a junction to the Green road… hmm.. should have checked the map first. When we were on Green road, we realized that it was not a straight road; it was a big curve to Plymouth road when we finally saw the Post Office. It was more than one hour walk! The sun has gone down! Along the Green Road, we have spotted few nature trails as the above picture. It was getting dark, if not we could expore ;) Too tired and hungry to walk home, we stopped by at McDonalds and gobbled up the filet-o-fish and fries. We went to Kroger to buy bread and back home. Wow, that was almost 2 hour afternoon/evening walk!

Hahaha… when we calculated the path using Google Earth, the total journey was almost 7km! Unbelievable and I need a good leg massage!

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Elinordin 14 years ago

About 1hr++ to reach there! if we use the right route, it should be less than 30 minutes.

14 years ago Edited
Nikelin Nikrashid 14 years ago

how long did it take to go there????? kuamir

14 years ago Edited