Orthodontist and Curriculum Night

by Elinordin September. 25, 2007 1877 views

Sarah’s braces treatment with Dr Sarah at Taman Tun was due to complete by end of this year. But now we have to look for an orthodontist in the States who’s willing to take a transfer patient. FYI, we have made full payment to Dr Sarah… well what to do. Knowing that anything to do with the teeth in the States will cost us a bomb, we are hoping the remaining treatment will not be long. We pray hard that they won’t start the treatment all over again.

Last month, we were evaluating 2 orthodontists and Dr Reese scored many points from us. 1. Location - near our house; 2. He's very warm and friendly. 3. He seems to understand our concern for $$$ - assuring us the cost will be reasonable. So today, we went to Dr Reese clinic for the second visit to discuss about the plan and $$$. During the first visit, he only took mold of Sarah’s teeth. He had to study it together with Sarah’s previous records that we brought from Malaysia.

It’s located near the Ann Arbor water tower…

… in this building.

Third row and third column is the Orthodondist.

Sarah likes her new orthodontist very much.

Dr Reese also took a peek into Farhan’s mouth. O-oh… let’s focus on Sarah first yeah! Farhan likes Dr Reese because he will always include Farhan in the discussion. He will ask his staff to bring stool for Farhan or he will get it himself.

Today Dr Reese explained to us the complexities of remaining treatment based on the x-ray and mold that he took earlier on. Later on his accountant took over to discuss the payment terms.

D is happy with both the plan and cost of the treatment even though we still have no clue when it will be completed. We need to pay some amount in the beginning and about $100+ for each monthly visit. That's better than paying $400 just for a new record and inflexible payment terms…

Am I getting shorter?

Right after our visit to orthodontist, we had to rush to Farhan’s school for Curriculum night, which is similar to Sarah’s Capsule night the other day. It was a tiring day for D starting from Secretary of State, to class, to Michigan Union, to International Center, to Orthodontist and now at Angell School. D still smiling.

We arrived just in time to break fast at 7.28pm and later joined the Principal’s briefing at 7.40pm.

At 8pm, we were heading to Farhan’s class on the second floor to attend his teacher’s briefing on the plan for the year. Picture on the door - Farhan and his classmates

Each student wrote a letter to his/her Mom & Dad. This is Farhan’s letter to us on his desk.

His teacher was explaining on the class website where he will post specific questions for us to ask our kid when they come back home. So that we won’t get answers like ‘I don’t know’ when Mommy asks too generic question like ‘Hey, what did you learn in school?’. Isn’t that familiar?.. heheh.. Those questions will be helpful for me. Oohhh…They have blog too! Each student will take turn on weekly basis to write about what they learn for the week. FYI, on rotation basis, each student will be assigned a weekly task for example Mail Stuffer, Lunch Helper, Blogger etc. and 3 students will be ‘on vacation’

Farhan’s goals on the wall! Rools?! He meant ‘rules’… heheh.. That was the first thing I asked when I reached home. How do you spell rules? He spelled it correctly but he was puzzled!

Huhu.. eMac in the class. Btw, parents are encouraged to sign-up to provide breakfast for ‘News breakfast’ on Fridays. Our turn is on December 7th.. hmm.. what to cook yeah? Farhan loves this session when they read news, specifically ‘Time for Kids’, while having breakfast. During his first News Breakfast, he was so excited to tell me “Mommy, do you know that many toys from China have been recalled?”… and he went on and on… Hmm…I think this breakfast thingy is really good!

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Elinordin 13 years, 11 months ago

nasi lemak... hmmm.. I dun think those kids can stand spicy food in the morning :-)

13 years, 11 months ago Edited
Elinordin 13 years, 11 months ago

Yeah I agree and have told the kids not to eat all those.. but normally they have simple breakfast like bagel & cream cheese or cereal.

13 years, 11 months ago Edited
Nikelin Nikrashid 13 years, 11 months ago

If I remember well enough about 40 years ago in the US of A, the only problem one might face with these "news breakfast" programme would be the bacon, lard, and ham served. We had to bring our own homecooke.d nasi goreng to share with the others which Ma happily cooked

13 years, 11 months ago Edited
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