Day 6: From Acadia to Prince Edward Island

by Elinordin July. 04, 2011 1457 views

We left Bar Harbor campsite early in the morning, around 8.30am, as it was going to be a long day to PEI, Canada.

A very foggy day though!

Upon leaving Mount Desert Island, we decided to make a detour to another part of Acadia National Park, Schoodic Peninsula.

We stopped at this rocky beach to take pictures but the boys started tracking down there.

Farhan, as usual, started checking out the place.

He then called all of us to join him.

He found mussel habitat! … and lots of 'em under those seaweed. We asked him to pick some for our dinner tonite. Heh!

Lots of lobsters for sure as we saw this boat collecting the cages.

We then reached our destination at the research center. I'm sure geologists love this place, the phenomenon called the black dikes.

“Fractures form in the granite underground. Under great pressure, magma intrudes into the cracks. Magma cools and hardens into diabase dikes. Uplift and erosion expose the dikes at the surface and form crevices”

Farhan asked us to join him listening to the sound of the waves hitting the rock down there. Cool!

A pretty place even though it was a foggy day!

Big waves!

I'm not sure why the kids love to go to the cliffs!

They were not many tourists at this side of Acadia National Park.

We enjoyed the unique beauty of it, nonetheless.

Leaving the Peninsula, we spotted a few fishing villages.

Lots of lobster cages! There's a light house in the background.

Nice decor of the colorful buoys, heh!

A quiet route entering Canada.

Bienvenue au Canada! Hey this was the first time NIK AI crossed Atlantic time zone. But we lost another hour! We went thru the new immigration check point, it was pretty fast as there were very few cars crossing Canada via this new route.
Sarah got excited and started teaching us the correct way of French pronunciation. “Please don't pronounce it like Americans!” She sounded like her French teacher. Hah!

As we were on highway crossing New Brunswick via Saint John, we noticed most of the sign boards are in English and French. We indeed learned a lot from Sarah :)

The Canadian spirit! Most of the big logos like McD and Sears has their maple leaf :P

Yeay, we were finally approaching P.E.I. I told the kids that Prince William and Kate just left the Island today… so we won't be able to see them.

We were about to cross the most expensive toll bridge!

This Confederation Bridge spanning across Northumberland Strait, links main land New Brunswick with Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada.

It's the longest bridge over ice.

Luckily we reached our campsite at Cornwall just before dusk and managed to pitch the tent in no time! I cooked simple spaghetti with ready made sauce for our dinner.

D taught Farhan how to debeard those mussels which he took from Schoodic Peninsular.

The sauce became so special and delicious with those wildcaught mussels. Thanks Farhan! It was a lovely dinner after a long tiring day!

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Elinordin 9 years, 8 months ago

Thanks! It was a long journey from acadia to pei, if I'm not mistaken it was about 10 hours. Have a safe trip and enjoy PEI.

9 years, 8 months ago Edited