Day 7: To the West Tip of P.E.I.

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Our campsite is located by this West River (it looks like bay to me!). It was high tide in the morning when I took morning walk along the beach with Farhan. During low tide, in the late afternoon, when we arrived yesterday, there were lots of clams, quahogs and crabs.

Red sand and shore are everywhere in PEI.

Our site is in a nice shady area with ocean breeze… we had a good rest from our long journey.

We went out to the city, Charlottetown, which is about 10 minutes away from our campsite in Cornwall.

We stopped by at the information centre. In Canada, you just look for a building with “?” if you're in doubt. Heh!

Due to its red soil, PEI is famous for potatoes, besides seafood :P

People were dining at the Lobsters on the Wharf.

The Lobsters on the Wharf also sells fresh seafood. The lady were showcasing her 8 pounder lobster!! Wow!

We drove towards Cavendish. We just stopped by at Avonlea, the Village of Anne of Green Gables.

Kids wanted to taste its famous chocolate but we just discovered that we had to enter the village in order to buy it. So we had to go to a different location. We just took pictures at the entrance of the village.

None of us was interested to explore the village. Sorry Anne! We are not fans of Montgomery's books.

We went to Cavendish Boardwalk to look for the Anne of Green Gables' chocolates as well as to taste the famous Cow's ice cream. We were so happy to see the two stores are just next to each other. Yeay!

No 1, really?!

Sarah and I could not wait to eat chocolate covered potato chips. Yum yum yummy! Farhan had chocolate marble almond bark.

We tried so many flavors but ended up with mostly chocolate based, I forgot all those fancy names. According to our ice cream lover, it's not No.1 to him. Heh!

Oh my… we were all high on sugar!!! Let's start exploring PEI!

Lots of potato farms, for sure! After touring the central part of this crescent-shaped island, we were heading towards the west tip of the island via North Cape Coastal Drive.

Making a brief stop at its smallest city, Summerside! Will and Kate were here yesterday according to one of the seafood market owners, where we bought some haddock and salmon to be cooked at campsite. I was curious why there was no big banner welcoming this royal couple, only this of welcome message on various boards. D remarked that is ONLY in Malaysia… big banners and lots of flags… heheh!

This historic town is famous for its arts and heritage.

We drove all the way to the North Cape. Overhere, we were give a tag and we were told that if we go to the east tip of PEI, we will receive a certificate. Exploring the east tip is next then :P

On this site also is the Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan)

There's a wind farm here by the ocean… where nature meets technology.

The longest natural rock reef in North America. But it was high tide, so we could not walk out into the ocean on the rock reef.

Very windy indeed!

Flying kick to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

A picturesque view of the ocean.

My heart stopped beating when from far I saw a falling rock as Sarah tried to sit on that cliff! Luckily Farhan was there to rescue. Thank God!

North Cape lighthouse.

In PEI, I learned that these are called Lupins. There are in full bloom at this time of the year. So so pretty and they are everywhere by the roadside.

On our back, we made a stop at O'Leary in front of Potato Museum. Thanks for holding the giant potato, Farhan!

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