Day 8: To the East Tip of P.E.I.

by Elinordin July. 06, 2011 1539 views

We bought our phones and iPad sim cards at Charlottetown before we started heading to the east.

The famous rich red soil for agriculture in PEI.

Lots of northern gannets on the ocean.

We made a stop at St Peter's Bay.

From the booklet on PEI that I read, it says that blue building overlooking the St Peter's Bay has the best chowder.

To the Chowder Factory :)

Please meet the bearded Skipper.

Farhan tried their lobster roll… yum! The fries were perfect… crispy on the outside. Super yummy must be because of PEI potatoes.

D and I ordered large chowder. It was the best seafood chowder that we've ever tasted… with shrimps, clams. scallops, salmon and of course PEI potatoes. Heh!

Sarah just wanted onion rings. I guess she wanted to enjoy our packed rice. Heh!

We spotted lots of houses with a star on their wall especially yesterday when we passed by a few Acadian villages. There are definitely lots of French Acadians in PEI.

Blooming Lupins are indeed everywhere!

D had to stop when he saw lots of Northern Gannets again circling this part of the ocean and made a sudden dive for fish. Amazing! You can see splashes after their dives.

We reached the eastern most of P.E.I., here at East Point Lighthouse. Each of us obtained a certificate for making this tip-to-tip trip :)

Nice work of sand sculpture! But who is he?

Another beautiful place to be in P.E.I.

A very clear water and Farhan could not resist to throw some skipping stones there. He said he got 9 skips this time :)

Find Sarah.. heh!

Red shore is indeed uniquely PEI.

On a small rock island because the water was too cold :P

A small cruise ship was passing by!

It wasn't easy to get this family photo. Farhan had to sprint from the tripod on the other side to this cliff in 12 seconds! He was still running in the earlier shots.. hahah!

We wanted to check the Basin Head Provincial Park (Btw, Farhan immediately noticed that it's called Provincial Park in Canada, not State Park :))

Nothing much for us.. some people were jumping off the bridge :P

Some houses sell firewood by the road side in this unmanned cart. Farhan just put the money in the jar. The firewood in KOA is more expensive.

This is the heritage trail recommended in PEI booklet which says we can spot the largest elm in PEI over here. Unfortunately we could not see any.

Poor NIK AI had to get dirty on this red clay road!!!

It was not scenic but unique with its large shade covering this stretch of the road :P

Lots of potato farms along the road, for sure!

We made our last stop at Georgetown to see the Three Rivers, a collective name given to three tidal estuaries which are the Brudenell, Cardigan and Montague rivers.

We went back to our campsite early today and Farhan spent some time at the beach to pick some crabs, clams and oysters!

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