Day 9: From P.E.I. to Cape Breton Island

by Elinordin July. 07, 2011 1516 views

One of the camping perks is we got to enjoy the beautiful sky with lots of bright stars… on a clear day, that is! Sarah captured this during our last night at Cornwall, PEI, at around 1am.

Canadian runs on Tim Hortons just like how American runs on Dunkin :P. You can see Tim Hortons are everywhere just like how Dunkins are everywhere in Jersey!

We paid the toll for the Confederation Bridge when we headed out of Prince Edward Island. Yup, credit card is accepted here.

Welcome to New Brunswick on the other side of the Island.

Bienvenue Nouvelle Ecosse!

Nova Scotia has a beautiful welcome center… there are three flags there, Nova Scotia, Canada and United Kingdom (which is not visible in this picture). Canada's head of state is the Queen.

When we reached this welcome center, we still had more than 3 hours to reach our destination in Nova Scotia.

Heading towards Cape Breton Island.

It was a beautiful day.

D only gave the wheel to me when he was really tired.

The journey was mainly up and down the hill.

We definitely have to give this a try!

Cape Breton is separated from the Nova Scotia peninsula by the Strait of Canso, and connected by Canso Causeway.

Driving from Island to another Island today :)

Alexander Graham Bell acquired a land near Baddeck overlooking Bras d'Or Lake and had become his summer home. We didn't intend to visit his museum though.

One of the world's larger salt water lakes, Bras d'Or (“Arm of Gold” in French) is at the center of this Island.

We enjoyed driving along this beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes.

But I had to be extra careful driving thru the sharp turn while going down the hill by the Lake.

This is where our KOA is… near North Sydney. It's the best campground thus far, overlooking the Bras d'Or Lakes!

By the hill at the corner lot under this big tree… it's so peaceful.

Sweet sour lobster tails and shrimps for our rice dinner.

The lake in the background. Farhan spent some time fishing there but didn't get any fish… lots of maroon jelly fish over there!

D and I were so tired and slept early but the kids had a great time outside watching the stars. According to them, they have never seen the constellations so bright and beautiful till they felt like crying.

A beautiful sunrise captured by D, the next morning.

A beautiful reflection when the lake was calm, this was not far from our campsite. We started our exploration really early today… it was not even 7am yet!

Entering the Cabot Trail, one of the World's Most Scenic Destination Areas.

The Cabot Trail which is a loop which can be traveled in either direction. We chose to go clockwise, our car is on the inside of the road, away from the ocean all the time. We passed by Baddeck, Margaree…

… and Cheticamp.

Cheticamp is a beautiful little French Acadian Village.

This little town is famous for its hooked rugs. Kak Nun would have stopped here!

We enjoyed the view while slowly climbed towards Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Going thru the rugged coast line and enjoying the picturesque ocean vistas.

Admiring the beautiful clouds too… it was a gorgeous day, indeed!

To be continued…

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