Day 10: The Cabot Trail & whale watching

by Elinordin July. 08, 2011 1178 views

Along this Cabot Trail, there are just too many scenic lookoffs to stop but we were in a bit of a hurry!

On top of MacKenzie mountain.

A breathtaking ocean vista from here.

We could see Pleasant Bay from here! That was where we were heading today.

This was the reason we started our journey really early today… to go on whale watching tour. We arrived there around 9am. Nevertheless, we still could not get to be on Captain Mark's Zodiac's 10am. Kak Sabariah if you're reading this, we could not be on the same zodiac as yours). We could not wait for the next tour at 12pm.

So we decided to take this Fiddlin' Whale Tours!

Because the boat is a lot smaller than the big boat of Captain Mark's. We didn't want to get crowded on a big boat! There were only two families of four in this boat, ours and another German family.

We enjoyed our boat ride especially when the Captain entertained us with his fiddle.

“Fiddle has a more generalized meaning than violin. Whereas violin refers to a specific instrument” Source: Wiki

Even though the price of this boat is the same as Mark's Zodiac, Farhan's ride was free because Farhan could play violin and entertained us with few songs that he could still remember without looking at notes. He played Mississippi and Michigan's Hail to Victors. Go Blue! Thank you Farhan! The captain said Farhan has the natural talent that we must nurture. Hmm… sports of violin? …if not his schedule will be so tight!

Our tour guide, Mike informed us that this bird is Northern Gannet. It will dive into the ocean at high speed like an arrow when it spots fish. Just like what we saw in Prince Edward Island.

We spotted some seals too… either swimming like this or just their heads popping up in the middle of the ocean. Cute!

When we arrived at the location when the big ones were spotted in the radar, a zodiac boat was already there, watching the humpback whales!!

It came closer to our boat when the captain stopped the engine! He was jokingly said to us that the boat was out of fuel.

D was recording using the lil' camera too. That was its fin, I think! It went under our boat! It was so thrilling!

It left this mark… called whale footprint, according to Mike the tour guide.

D got his wish granted to see the humpback whales but he was a bit frustrated that they did not breach. According to D, only humpback whales would breach out of water! The Mama humpback was instead busy training her baby swimming around!

But it showed its spectacular tail!

A few times!

Love to see when the humpback spouted!

Thank God for this opportunity and we enjoyed every single moment of it.

Say “whale tail!”

Captain Stanley was hoping for Farhan to return in the future with better violin skills!

Million thanks Daddy!

Happy faces :)

We were so hungry after the tour and stopped by at Mike's mom seafood restaurant nearby..heheh… where we enjoyed 20% discount.

Sarah and her onion rings! I shared my crab burger with her too… yum!

Farhan tried the lobster burger. D had haddock dinner platter.

Hey, hummingbird came to the bird feeder at the window where we sat. Cool!

We were going down by east side of the Cabot Trail.

Lots of Acadian houses here too… with the star on the wall :)

Only NIK AI was eager to pose for the camera… the rest were too tired.

NIK AI and us completed the Cabot Trail loop today… yeay!

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