Day 11: Interesting Coal Mine Tour

by Elinordin July. 09, 2011 1210 views

It was a cloudy day and we knew that it would be raining all day long today :( We went out to see Cape Breton's only city, Sydney.

Along the Sydney waterfront is where the world's largest Ceilidh fiddle. Cape Breton is known for its traditional fiddle music, which brought to North America by Scottish immigrants. Btw, Nova Scotia is New Scotland :)

There was a coast guard ship near that giant fiddle. It was so cold that I had to run to the car to get my jacket!

Nothing much there… just a row of shops.

Exploring Glace Bay… there are lots of big shops here.

It started to rain and we could not enjoy the scenic view around Glace Bay, so we decided to stay indoor. This Miners Museum seems interesting!

Going thru the museum and exhibits there before joining the underground tour.

Sarah was cooking using an antique stove.

The tour started at 10am. We were so excited to wear the cape and hard hat.

Ready to be coal miners, eh?

This was the route those miners used to take daily to go under the ocean riding a man-rake.

It was hard for tall people like Farhan and D walk down there!
Our tour guide, the retired miner, brought us under the ground and shared a lot of his personal stories… risking his life every time he left for work. The 3 biggest fears are methane, coal dust and fire.

As he brought us further, we all had to bend while walking. It wasn't easy to be a miner, for sure!

Check out coal behind us!

It had to be a pony to work down there… and usually the pony would never return until it died.

Tired of bending already by this time! D started to feel pain at his back and knees.

He demonstrated to us how to drill the coal. During drilling, one person had to check for methane level by putting the canary in cage to the roof. If the canary was struggling, they had to pause the drill. If it died, they had to run real fast!

Kids were given the opportunity to pose.

They also had a lil' garden underground :)

D and Sarah on man-rake. It was definitely an interesting tour and we could imagine the risks the miners have to go through on daily basis, generations after generations.

The elevator that was used to go down the shaft under the ocean.

Man-rake, the vehicle that was used to transport the miners.

We then drove to the east of Cape Breton Island…

… to a little French town, Louisbourg.

To visit the famous fortress.

However, it was raining and foggy that we could not see the fortress at all.

We just went to the visitor center… managed to see the model.

This fortress is the largest historical reconstruction project in the country.

Crossing the bridge near our campsite. It was raining heavily.

From the bridge, we could see our campsite at the foot of Kelly Mountain.

The rain got heavier and the the wind got stronger and it was so cold!!! We just had maggi goreng for dinner and hot cocoa. It was definitely the most challenging night for us so far during this trip.

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