Day 16: To Quebec City

by Elinordin July. 14, 2011 1221 views

Everyone was well rested in Fredericton. After so many nights roughing in a tent, we were all grateful even it was just a small motel.

Just a lil' bit of different landscape. It was my turn to drive for this part of the journey, heading to Quebec City.

D must be bored in the car when he started collecting pictures of “home of the world's largest…” sign boards.

Farhan wanted to see this since it's featured in his AAA student atlas for North America. Naah… we're not going there, bro! D just took this picture for him. Heh!

I was nervous overtaking this vehicle carrying a house.. hah!

French fry capital of the world, really?!

Nice shot by D! Throughout our journey, Sarah loves talking about clouds… so many shapes she has imagined :P

What a small world again! We bumped into this family again… hahah! They were on the way to Quebec as well, not to Quebec City though, but to take ferry across St Lawrence river and camp at Tadoussac. The funny thing was we were behind their car when we took exit looking for restroom. Hahah!

We joined Sarah to enjoy the beauty of the clouds on a nice day like this.

Lots of dandelions by the highway.

We stopped for lunch at Edmundston.

We noticed immediately that all the signs around this town are in French… it's no longer bilingual!! Even KFC is PFK! Even though this town is still in New Brunswick, it's very near to Quebec, the French speaking ‘country’!

We just let Garmin to lead us to a Chinese restaurant. We then realized at this junction, the restaurant is located in the US. Hah! THANKS Garmin! ..we didn't plan to spend time at the immigration!

We turned back to look for alternative…. ended up at Boston Pizza.

Fettucini carbonara… that cactus cut potato was so good!

Veggie pizza was tasty too. We're so lucky to have Sarah as our French translator :) She spoke well, according to the waiter.

Bonjour Quebec!

From then on, we traveled along the St Lawrence River, to Levis, where the KOA campground is located, not far from Quebec City.

When D and I were busy doing laundry, Sarah had fun taking pictures of the full moon.

Farhan had a great time longboarding there too :) We love the campsite itself but the people are not as friendly as the usual campers we've met so far. Language barrier, perhaps?

The next morning, we made our way to explore Quebec City, specifically the Old Quebec or Vieux Quebec.

Heading towards downtown (Centre-ville). Yup, all the signs are in French, as expected.

We intended to spend the entire day here, so we took one day parking pass. We felt like we were in France! People were eating at the cafes along the street walk. Even the people are different, very the french! Heh! They are Quebecois! Most of them move about around town using bikes, some are shirtless. I couldn't spot any fat or obese persons around here :P

We walked towards Place de la FAO.

This figurehead emerges from the pavement, bears food from all around the world in her arms, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, founded in the city in 1945.

Climbing the stairs towards Place Royale.

This Place Royale is just a small square but rich with history. The most left is the Notre-Dame-des-Victories church, the oldest stone church in Quebec.

Samuel de Champlain,the leader of the first Quebec French settlement, chose this site to construct a trading post in 1608.

Now this place is a popular tourist attraction with lots of cafes and souvenir shops around it.

We wanted to go up there to Chateau Frontenac, not via the funicular in the background but D was looking for 'escalier' from the map.

At the bottom of the funicular is Petit-Champlain district, a reminiscent of an old-time French village.

To be continued…

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Felecia Eby 9 years, 8 months ago

Great set. Love the veggie pizza, the moon and the streets in the last few shots.

9 years, 8 months ago Edited