Day 17: Vieux Quebec

by Elinordin July. 15, 2011 1378 views

While looking for ‘escalier’, we enjoyed walking along this beautiful Petit-Champlain District.

The boys were already up there! Oh my… I thot D said it's an escalator, not stairs! Hahah!

This was the result of being over confident and forgot to consult Sarah, our French translator. D thot ‘escalier’ is escalator :P

Sarah and I were having hard time climbing the stairs. It was the much needed exercise, nonetheless.

After so many steps we climbed under this hot weather, we reached Chateau Frontenac, a grand hotel in Quebec City. On the left is the Statue of Samuel de Champlain.

Chateau Frontenac is a prominent feature in Quebec City skyline, overlooking this Saint Lawrence River.

The old post office which is not far from Chateau Frontanac.

When we arrived there, there was a performance going on in front of the statue of Samuel de Champlain.

Jumping through a hoop of fire.

We could not afford to stay overnight here but could only enjoy Starbucks frap at Chateau Frontanac. Heh!

Our view from Starbucks while the kids enjoyed performance by the three comedian dancers.

The clock tower opposite of the Chateau.

We walked down through a different route. Sarah was in front of the Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica Cathedral. She also went inside to take picture of the interior.

Old painting of the cathedral at the lamp post. They have this sort of lil' old paintings for some buildings and locations, some paintings are placed on the wall.

A cute bus going around the city :)

"The oldest centre of education in Canada and was the first institution in North America to offer higher education in French." Source: wiki

We were “Inside the wall”, surrounding this Old Quebec.

The remnants of the military defense, I wonder how many cannons were placed around the wall.

After lunch, we continued walking towards the parliament buildings.

Old Quebec is indeed rich with history and architecture!

The fortifications surrounding Old Quebec are close to 4.6 km in length.

When we reached this parliament buildings area, it started to rain and this was among the few pictures we had.

The rain only lasted for a few minutes, lucky us! We then climbed the stairs to be on the wall; Parliament buildings in the background.

On the wall.

The arched underpass.

The Chateau Frontanac is visible from here.

Parliament building from the top of the wall.

We continued walking on top of the wall, making our way towards La Citadelle, another fortress for this road trip. Heh!

As usual, we didn't enter the Citadel, we just stopped at this part of star-shaped fortress and headed back to our car.

Every corner is pretty inside the wall! We took tons of pictures and it's hard for me to pick favorites :P

We concluded our day with this delicious cafe mocha and pistachio gelato… yum!

I wish I knew and read a lot more of Vieux Quebec history to better appreciate our walking tour inside the wall.

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Elinordin 9 years, 8 months ago

indeed :)

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very pretty city

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