Day 20: Around Montreal

by Elinordin July. 18, 2011 1134 views

Crossing St Lawrence River on Pont Jacques Cartier.

We extended another night stay at the cabin in Montreal since Farhan wanted to visit the Biodome and we had not explored enough of Montreal yet.

The Biodome is located at Le Parc Olympique; this building was originally constructed as a velodrome (cycling stadium) for the 1976 Olympic.

Four ecosystems throughout the American continent are replicated here in this Biodome.

The first one is Tropical Rainforest. We told Farhan that this was like going back to Malaysia! … or Lenggong to be specific… hah!

This grey-winged trumpeter is not scared of people at all.

Capybara, found in South America, is the largest living rodent in the world. Check out the bird next to that capybara…

… it has huge feet and claws which enable them to walk around wetlands.

A small monkey called ‘golden lion tamarin’, native to the forests in Brazil.

Despite the hot and humid air in this part of ecosystem, we stayed there quite a while as there were some interesting animals to see from the tiny yellow banded poison frog to piranhas, brightly colored birds and bats.

Roseate spoonbill…. very similar color to flamingo eh?

Coming out from the bat caves!

We were happy for the cooler air as we moved on to the next ecosystem, the Laurentian Maple Forest.

We didn't see animals here other than porcupines :(… most nocturnal animals like beavers were sleeping!

Hey, we just “physically” came from those provinces which bound the Gulf of St Lawrence. Heh! Anyway, that's the third ecosystem in this Biodome.

Atlantic Sturgeon, among the oldest fish species in the world.

We enjoyed watching lots of fish swimming in this huge tank. For sure, this is nothing compared to Sydney Aquarium :P That's why we didn't entertain Farhan when he requested to go to the aquarium in Quebec City!

Anemone tide pool with some mussels and crabs.

We totally enjoyed the cool air in here! … while watching down the fish and…

… some birds on the cliffs.

The fourth and last one is the Sub-Polar Regions.

D was communicating with one of the razorbills :P

There were about three or four species of penguins in here.

Overall, in our opinion, this is perhaps the more interesting place in our visit to Canada. It replicates the four ecosystems very well under one roof. It's a good place to learn about the habitats and the flora and fauna within.

The famous olympic stadium with a history of financial and structural problems. It was half built when the stadium opened for the olympic games.

Even though it's seen as a while elephant, it dominates this part of the Montreal skyline beautifully :)

We didn't take the funicular ride up the world's tallest inclined tower as we heard the city view which we saw from Mont Royal yesterday is a lot better.

It started to rain heavily when we wanted to see the Old Montreal. Kids were not interested as they've seen enough of Old Quebec. Heh!

Rental bikes are seen everywhere! Just like in Quebec City, lots of people prefer to cycle to move about around here.

It was still raining when D dropped us at this famous landmark in Old Montreal, the Notre-Dame Basilica, which was built between 1824 and 1829.

Very impressive architecture.

As we came out from the souvenir shops nearby, the rain had stopped and managed to take picture with this church.

We bought some halal meat here, somewhere north of the city. They also sell pita wraps… we tried both chicken and beef wraps. It was so delicious that Farhan had two chicken wraps :P

At night, we were busy grilling chicken at the cabin for our long journey to Ontario tomorrow.

Guess what, this was our last night of camping!! … we will be staying in the hotels for the remaining nights in Ontario.

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