Day 23: Niagara Falls

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Upon checking out from Comfort Inn, Missisauga, we headed towards Niagara. When we reached Hamilton, D made an exit to a lovely town there, called Dundas. Sarah wanted to send this picture to her old friend, Sawadee, who lives here. I, on the other hand, asked Sarah to give her a call. To Sarah's surprise, her friend, who Sarah thought was on holidays in the US, was at home! She then invited us to drop by :)

Reunited with her very best buddy in Ann Arbor. Two years ago, we moved to Jersey and they moved to Hamilton, Ontario.

Her little brother :)

Even though it was a surprise visit, her Mom prepared us lunch. Thank you so much! We all had a great time there, catching up stories with each other. Also, it was nice to stay inside since there was a heat wave warning in this area.

They soon have to leave this beautiful house and move to Ottawa. We wish them all the best at their new place and million thanks for the hospitality and great lunch.

They brought us to a nearby park to see this mini Niagara Falls, Webster's Falls. They told us that when their relatives and friends came over to visit Niagara Falls, which is about 40-minute away, they would bring them here first before they see the magnificent Niagara Falls :) Btw, this Webster's Falls dried up today, it's normally wider with more volume of waters. Must be due to the heat wave! It was so hot! We went back to their place and stayed for a while to enjoy ice-cream :) Sarah, eventually, could not delay anymore and had to say goodbye to her best friend :(

After staying at Sawadee's place for about five hours, we continued our journey to our original destination, Niagara Falls. We initially thought after visiting Niagara Falls, we would be heading home. Now that it was late in the afternoon, we made online reservation at Quality Hotel Niagara Falls.

Crossing Lake Ontario in Hamilton. There was a traffic jam here and later on, we saw a burnt truck! The heat wave was really bad!

Our car temperature!!! 116F = 46.6C

We passed by Welland Canal which connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. There's a series of 8 locks that lift and lower the ships through this canal to bypass the Niagara Falls. It would be fascinating to see, but we've seen a similar locks in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.

Our hotel is located on the famous Stanley Avenue, the last exit before U.S.A.

After we all refreshed ourselves at the hotel, we went out to see the Falls. D dropped us there and he went to look for a parking spot.

Maid of the Mist ship was approaching the Horseshoe Falls.

It's indeed a spectacular view from Canadian side of the river.

It was the first time for the kids to see the Falls from here. They have been on American side before.

Panorama shot of the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

t's still breathtaking no matter how many times I've seen it.

On a hot day like this, we enjoyed the mist from the falls.

It was hard to prevent the camera lens from getting wet.

D then came and joined us… it was getting dark.

For the family album! Rainbow Bridge and American Falls in the background.

They all climbed the nearby rocks…

… and took picture of me!

We stayed on to watch the illumination of the Horseshoe Falls.

The Falls are lit in so many combination of colors from here.

The Skylon tower in between blue and yellow.

Illumination of the American Falls.

D parked the car at the bottom of the Skylon Tower.

We walked around the ‘lil’ Vegas' town up there.

We were all hungry and decided to have supper at this Canadian IHOP (I told you in my much earlier post when we arrived Canada that they put their Maple leaf in all the logos!!)

Every single thing is expensive in Canada!!! Even the price for dinner meals at iHOP is much more expensive than the States. We just can't wait to go back to America!!! At this point of time, NIK AI's full tank is usually 50++ in the US but it reached $80 in Canada! The milk's and Tropicana OJ's prices are all doubled! No wonder they enjoy free medical here because they pay a lot more for all the taxes.

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