Day 24: Heading home, at last!

by Elinordin July. 22, 2011 2227 views

The hotel was nice but we were tired of the usual hotel breakfast of waffles, bagels, eggs and cereal. We all just could not wait to go home!

The hotel is adjacent to this big souvenir shop. We just made a brief stop to check out the place.

We finally found inukshuk in Canada! It's a stone landmark built and used by Inuit people. (It's one of the two things identified with Canada but rarely seen.. the other is the moose, so the story goes)

All the big souvenirs of Canada can be found in this Souvenir City :P

I remember I bought a clock on a similar wood plaque (the small one, of course!) with the (then) 12 provinces as the hours, as a birthday present to D during my student days. Heh!

Btw, I ran out of clean shirts and had to wear D's tee :P

Before heading back home, we wanted to see the Niagara Whirlpool, where the river turns rights. Interesting to watch!

The Aero Car travels across the whirlpool and also jet boat ride (if you look carefully in the picture) goes thru the rapids of this spectacular river.

They travel between the two points across this river gorge on the Canadian side.

We didn't take the Rainbow Bridge to the States as we saw a quite bad traffic jam, we instead drove ahead to see the Falls in the morning :)

A good day to take pictures, actually! That's the Casino overlooking the Falls.

D dropped Sarah and I to snap a few pictures as Sarah wanted to see the rapids upriver.

On the left is the abandoned power station. The active hydroelectric power stations are now located several miles downriver after the falls, with the water channeled out just before the waterfall and tunneled away underground below the city. The water flow over the falls is reduced by half at night and during off-peak tourist seasons. But there is a treaty to always provide an unbroken curtain of water over the falls all the time. (source: wiki: Adam Beck Hydroelectric)

That's the top of Horse Falls, we could only see mist from here… and the sound of the Falls, for sure!

When D passed by the American Falls, we noticed more volume of water as compared to yesterday!

Sarah just could not resist to ask D to stop here for her to snap a few more pictures :)

One last time with the Horseshoe Falls.

Saying goodbye to both of the Falls!

A gorgeous day to take picture with the Skylon too :P

We finally left Niagara Falls.

D decided to cross the border through the Peace Bridge, a little bit far from Niagara Falls. There was traffic jam too, but not that bad I would say.

Crossing Niagara River near Lake Erie.

US immigration checkpoint. He just verified our documents and let us go. Fast and smooth :)

Yeay… so happy to be back on US Interstate!

D went against Garmin's suggestion to use a small highway. So, we were on I-90 all the way to Syracuse….

… and took I-81 south.

We had fish sandwich at Burger King in Pennsylvania and filled up the gas there too! … so happy with the US gas and food prices :)

Taking I-80 towards New Jersey.

It was a smooth journey until we met this traffic jam at this stretch of I-80 in PA, due to road resurfacing. Summer is the only chance to do this kind of work.


Luckily Penang restaurant was still open when we reached there at 9:50pm. Malaysian style fried rice and Char Kway Teow greeted us there… alhamdulillah :)

Home sweet home :)

It's true when they say “It's the journey, not the destination.” A big thank you to D and the kids, I enjoyed every bit of our journey.

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Nikai 9 years, 8 months ago

Penat driving macam jetlag. Always love our summer roadtrips.

9 years, 8 months ago Edited