Healthy (and Sustainable) Eating

by Elizabeth Trinh July. 12, 2016 466 views

Since last summer, my food philosophy has been to eat meat alternatives whenever possible. If there are other options, I will choose to eat those over meat. I spent last summer with a very good friend, who rarely – if ever – eats meat because she had researched animal cruelty on chicken and cow farms. She is not a vegetarian by definition because sometimes she "cheats" and eats free-range chicken or fish. Her diet inspired me to change how I eat. Now I eat chicken and fish, but I try to get protein elsewhere for one or two days of the week. In addition, I never eat red meat. During our stay in the Eco-Village, we ate vegetarian meals, which I learned is a sustainable way to eat and live. People do not need to eat meat for survival. Eve told us that much of the food we were eating was grown on-site, and on the tour, I was able to see where some of the food was grown. One thing I observed, however, was that several of our meals appeared to lack protein. As someone who follows a low-carb, high-protein diet, the meals at Lynedoch did not adhere to my regimen.

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