About E.t. In Lynedoch: An Alien Exploration Of Sustainability


I do not live a sustainable life. I admit it. It is not something that I am proud of, but I know that it will be hard for me to change. Although I believe that humans should lead more sustainable lives, I doubt that humankind will “revert” to more “green” ways of living. The current population is unsustainable. Cities are unsustainable. Capitalism is unsustainable. The world is too unequal to be sustainable. To me, sustainability is not feasible. Perhaps it is on a small-scale, but not globally. My time at Lynedoch has allowed me the opportunity to explore a community that tries to live sustainably, and the Eco-Village succeeded in impressing me. But then again, I only spent four days there, and I mostly saw all the positives of the Eco-Village. While Lynedoch is a beautiful example of we could learn from, we—and by we, I mean the majority of humans—will not follow suit. I am sure of that. I know that I am cynical, but my cynicism is founded. Take a look at the world. There is so much darkness. Lynedoch is a small candle, and although it may take a long time for that candle to burn out, that light will be extinguished. It is just a matter of time. Still, there have been stories in which the weak win over the mighty, for example David and Goliath. But those stories are far and few between.

I took all the photos that are in this blog. I am giving you a snapshot of moments in my life. I am sharing my perspective with you. Although the pictures should stand for themselves, I am not a photographer; I am a writer. So take your time as your read through my posts and look at the photos: my four days in Lynedoch.


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