London - Day 2

by Elridge July. 03, 2007 302 views

This is a bit after the fact, but better late than never, I suppose…
On this day, we started out at the Tower of London, hit up Tower bridge and then headed to Leicester square for lunch for some authentic fish and chips**, and finished up at St.Paul's Cathedral. It was a fun day with the parental units!

** contrary to popular belief, fish and chips are not fish fingers and fries. In England, and the rest of UK too I guess, the dish is is an actual piece of fish, skin et al, beer battered and fried. The day I had it, I was served a huge piece of cod – i couldn't finish it all – i know, I was surprised too! Riding the tube that day was fun too – I inadvertently gave my mom a little bit of a scare – I got on a train thinking they were right behind me (actually we were walking together, there was a train waiting with the doors open and I ran for it thinking we would all make it – in good faith I thought the “open” door button would work so I hit it and got on, but when i turned around, we were separated by the closed doors) … oops! … but fear not, the scare didn't materialize into anything significant, I met them at our next connection point and all was well :-)

why? cos the name of this tower (black sign behind me) is the "cradle tower"… :-)

ominous clouds above london bridge

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