Cleveland Church of Christ EOY Dinner...

by Matt December. 02, 2007 1702 views

I hope you appreciate I may get slapped for this one. I think she looks cute. …shame Jo is in the way (now I'm definitely getting slapped).

Addendum: Jo isn't cute - she's *beautiful!*

Balloons being inflated …Fred being deflated?

What a turkey …but we love him to bits :)

Martyn getting everyone's attention.

Trav can't be all bad if he has babies like this.

Barista extraordinaire.

My bad - I forgot to say "Cheeeeeese…"
And sorry Michel - I took two but everyone *except* you was blinking in the other one.

It's a growth.


Some read tea leaves, others coffee foam.


KNOW A cute baby?

No fighting now grandmothers.

Voila - the turkey has disappeared.

Training nunchuks.

"Granddad disappeared the turkey"

Off the cute-scale

"Dad, this is really embarrassing."

Happy happy joy joy

Chelsi feeding Caleb a schmacko.

"Oh my, that Caleb is soooooo cute."

Even the queen gets her hubby a coffee.

What a smile. Obviously devising his next punny joke.

"Then she said that he said that he didn't want to talk about what she was talking about and she said…"

"jish ish goog cagg"

More royalty?

Sometimes "the glare" is the only language a husband understands.

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Matt 9 years, 10 months ago

Sorry Ebeth :) I've toned it down now. ...hope Sam is recovering ;)

9 years, 10 months ago Edited