Celadon, Umbrellas, and Temples, Oh My!

by Emma Endicott August. 23, 2016 840 views

This weekend, I had the opportunity to learn about Celadon. The ceramics were absolutely stunning, and the process was incredibly intricate. (There's that word again; I don't think I will ever stop being amazed by the tiny details in every corner of this city.)

Here, one of the workers sits at a spinning wheel. The first step of the process for many of their products. Others are casted in a mold.

This worker is carving a pattern into the plate. Most artists free-hand the designs as they go.

Before a delicious lunch, we got to paint our own elephants. The light green glazing is the color of most of the ceramics after firing them.

One part of the process I did not capture in photo is the painting. Many of the ceramics are painted. Some of the big vases take up to three weeks to finish.


Next, we traveled to a paper umbrella factory.

We were able to walk through and watch each step of the process. At the end, were many artists eager to paint anything they could get their hands on.

A beautiful display of the paper umbrellas


Sunday afternoon we got a tour of more temples in Old Town Chiang Mai. There is such a sense of peace that washes over me when visiting these temples. 

A few friends and I caught a ride back to our apartment in a tuk-tuk after dinner, which is a motorbike of sorts with a bench seat in the back that can hold 2-3 people.

Our tuk-tuk driver was a very kind man. He even stopped for a minute on the way back to drop off dinner for his wife while she was at work.

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Sharon Endicott 5 years ago

Glorious photos, Em. Colors are breathtaking.

5 years ago Edited
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