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Greensheild Academy, at Takdah Cantonnement, District of Darjeeling, India. The sports court in front of the main building and the dormatories that was transformed for a Puja (festival or blessing). I taught here for four months.

The classroom next to my bedroom

Our room was occasionally inflitrated by hoards of boys eager to play with our cameras, listen to music and goof-off royally.

My own private toilet! It really was a luxury. I remember feeling guilty that I had one to myself while everyone else shared one to twenty. I still regret not having a picture of the truly impressive spiders that lurked there at night - think the size of your hand with the fingers outstreatched.

Odd things were always happening. One night some travelling priests arrived and camped out in the principal's office for a week while they blessed the school. We learned about their arrival when they burst into our room, waving incense, blowing horns, and with all the borders in tow.

Me in my favorite white kurta (shalwar kameez elsewhere in India) that Sue lent me.

Two of my students who were best friends

The front porch of the old rambling colonial building that housed class rooms, the visiting teacher's room, Mr Subba's house (the principal), and two other families.

A view out of our room through the fourth grade class room.

On the road between Takdah and Darjeeling.

The forest near Takdah.

Shusant Pradhan. One of my very favorite students. I think he broke his glasses playing soccar twice while I was there. His sister Rohini is an amazing dancer but alas I have no pictures.

This was where I cut my hair short for the first time. My students didn't hestate to tell me how funny I looked.

More nepali dance lessons in my room.

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