Organ, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore February. 27, 2018 595 views

Organ is 14 miles NE of Las Cruces. The once-mining camp of Organ was officially established as a community in 1883. The town's greatest population was just under 2000 in the late 1800s.

This was once used as a church.

This was once used as a church.

In the 1930s, the mines in the area became inundated with water and were no longer feasible for use and with the onset of the Great Depression, mining operations ceased.

However, with the opening of White Sands Missile Range and the testing of the Nuclear Bomb in 1945, Organ began to thrive again as a community, providing homes and leisure services to military personnel and government contractors.

Present population is 323. The pastor of Faith Christian was at the church when we vistited and warmly invited us to stay for service. It is always heartening to come across that genuine, small town hospitality.

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