Stanley, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore March. 12, 2018 350 views

Stanley is an unincorporated town on NM-472 between Albuquerque and Moriarty.

In spite of the "warning" signs, we met the property owners of the land where these old houses sit. A lot of ghost towns and adobe ruins in NM now sit on private land, so if we see a person near what we want to shoot, we ask permission. We always photograph with respect, which means that we don't sneak, photograph the private homes or spaces of others or go where we shouldn't. Those are cardinal rules for the type of photography we do, as far as we're concerned.

The older gentleman and his son were flattered that we asked, said that photographers occasionally come through and extended us an invite to come to church (which was right across the street) with them. We politely declined - due to time constraints only - but thanked them for the offer and their hospitality. They said to take pictures of whatever we wanted.

We also met an overly aggressive neighborhood dog named Booger. Booger looked to be a hound mix and was hell-bent on licking our hands off and smacking us with his tail, which was going fast enough to wag his behind with it.
We didn't get a photo of Booger, as his "mama" was calling for him to get back into the house.

We meet some interesting people when we drive around looking for pictures to take. Our interactions with those we meet are almost as intriguing as the things we photograph. As we often say, "Everyone has a story to tell."

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