CR 3C in Guadalupe County

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore March. 19, 2018 440 views

One afternoon, we were driving and got lost on County Road 3C in Guadalupe County - off NM-54 outside of Puerto de Luna.

This is just ranchland and you don't get cell service. GPS is pointless, since you just see the state roads off NM-54. One big web of interconnected, remote roads. No gas stations. No houses. Nothing.

We did find what looked to be an abandoned church. The roof had fallen in, so we didn't dare venture in and couldn't see far inside.

There were several brown butterflies dancing in the grass around the structure. The beauty of these remote places is that you often see wildlife, flowers and insects that you don't see elsewhere. They flourish where they can be left alone.

We eventually found our way but appreciated this unexpected detour. The most interesting things are found by accident!

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