Amistad, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore May. 09, 2018 1465 views

Amistad is located about 39 miles south of Clayton on NM-402. It was a stop for cattle drives during the late 19th century. A lot of that history is still apparent in the abandoned buildings - a mercantile, barns and other places vital to ranch life - that dot the area.

In 1906, Henry S. Wannamaker, a Congregational minister, promoted homesteading by placing ads in church newspapers. This led to more than 40 other Protestant ministers staking claims in Amistad. We found the very interesting and well-maintained United Bretheren Methodist church towards the center of town. Intriguing was the angular design with its corner entry.

Though not densely-populated (under 100 people live and work here today), there is still life in this area. It and the surrounding towns are known for some of the finest beef cattle in the state, who thrive on the open, fertile landscape and clean air.

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