Nara Visa, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore May. 10, 2018 1680 views

Just inside the state line, 48 miles northeast of Tucumcari, Nara Visa is not a complete ghost town, but certainly is a shell of its former self. Present population is 45.

This ranching town got its start when the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad was built through the area in 1901.

The town’s name came from the creek that flowed through it called Nara Visa Creek. In the 1880s a Hispanic sheepherder named Narvaez lived here. In those early years, English-speaking settlers pronounced his name “Narvis”, which was corrupted further to Nara Visa. The town once grew large enough to have several hotels, saloons, shops and even a large WPA-built school. The school is now used as a community center.

Today, about 100 people live here. The post office and a motel are the only operating businesses.

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