Folsom, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore May. 25, 2018 765 views

Folsom is a village in Union County, in a valley by the Dry Cimarron River. Present population is 77. The town was named after Frances Folsom, the fiancee of President Grover Cleveland.

In the first half of the 19th century, the region was a hunting ground for Comanche, Ute, and Jicarilla Apache Indians. Folsom prospered in the early years with the largest stockyards west of Fort Worth. Homesteaders moved in and attempted to farm and the town reached a peak population of nearly 1,000.

However, the area proved unsuitable for farming because of drought and large ranches soon replaced the small farms.

The town suffered a blow from which it never recovered on August 27, 1908 when a massive rainstorm caused a devastating flood which nearly destroyed the town and killed 18 people. Flash flooding from the same storm also uncovered the bison bones that George McJunkin found in Dead Horse Arroyo, which later became known as the Folsom Site.

The Folsom area is one of the most beautiful and interesting in Northern New Mexico. Capulin Volcano, an extinct volcano and national park, is about 7 miles to the southwest. Visitors can drive to the top of this nearly perfect cinder cone and walk around the rim while enjoying the spectacular view.

Although considered a ghost town due to the fact that there is no commercial business in town, Folsom is still an active small community. Their website provides information on the area, notable residents and the goings-on in town.

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