Fierro Cemetery Fierro, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore May. 27, 2018 675 views

Fierro is a now-abandoned mining town near Hanover, at the NM-152 and 356 intersection. The mining history goes back to 1841, when Sofio Henkle, a German immigrant living in Mexico, went looking for copper deposits. He found both copper and iron on a mountain a few miles north of the big copper mine in Santa Rita.

The population of Fierro was 750 in 1920 and was never much over 1,000, even during the peak years between WWI and the start of the Great Depression, by which point six million tons of iron had come from Fierro’s mines.

Although the town is no longer used, the cemetary occasionally is. On the day we visited, we saw two fresh plots, next to existing gravesites. Reading the stones, it is clear that those people chose to be buried near their loved ones, who passed away 30-40 years prior. Someone also takes great care to ensure that the cemetery is maintained, with decorations on the plots being replaced periodically.

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