Fence Lake Christian Church Fence Lake, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore June. 05, 2018 1612 views

Fence Lake Christian Church is located on NM-36. It is quaint and simple, with homemade decorations.

Behind the church is an expansive rolling meadow with a stream.

Aside from the church, there are few other businesses in town. The population is around 42 - just 11 families.

Posted inside the door of the church was a flyer for a town event. It was slightly smudged and reminded us of the products of the old "ditto" machines from grade school.

Fence Lake holds an old timers' reunion every other year on odd years, and has done so since the last Saturday in July 1961. Over the years, it has grown to a gathering in even years, also, with fiddle contests, jam sessions, and dances in the school building. Barbecue and pot luck meals are served. People attend sometimes from all over the globe.

The community also turns out for the annual Fourth of July parade, including the town fire truck and various other participants.

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