The Berardinelli House Cerrillos, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore June. 07, 2018 989 views

The Berardinelli House, ca. 1886, is a double adobe building that originally served as a residence with an attached saloon. The Berardinelli family built the structure and the stonework was done by Monier & Coulloudon, the masons who built the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe.

The many uses of the saloon section included a dance hall, an undertalker's parlor, Joseph Granito's grocery store and a movie theater. The once abandoned structure was restored over a ten year period (1994-2004) and is now a private residence.

Please note that we did not show you most of the building because it is someone's home now. What you see here are features that highlight the history. What is particularly interesting is that the vigas (beams) and corbels (decorative accents) in the photo above are original.

Copy courtesy of the Cerrillos Historical Society

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