Bluitt (or Bluit), NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore June. 13, 2018 3180 views

Bluitt is a ghost town in SE New Mexico. The village is located about 12 miles east of Milnesand, on NM-262. The name came from the Bluitt Ranch in Texas, as suggested by J. T. Hadaway, former ranch employee. The post office of this small ranching and farming area opened for business July 7, 1916. Sometimes the spelling of the town name is shown with one "t," and sometimes two.

In 1918, Bluitt had a school enrollment of 22 students. Many changes were made by the Board of Education during the drought years of 1917-20, to better accommodate the new population trends. Because of the rapid decline in enrollment, a resolution was passed, stating that if any school's average fell below seven for daily attendance, that school would have to be closed. It is understandable how each community fought to keep the school in operation, for when consolidation of schools occurred, the town usually declined. This was true of Bluitt. The post office closed on January 15, 1944, and the town ceased to exist not long after.

The cemetery is overgrown with brush, and it is obvious that those interred here after 1950 was because their families/spouses were here.

No one comes here anymore. Our vehicle tracks were the only ones in the dust in the road. Except maybe a family geneologist now and then. One had a stone corrected, which is something we had never seen before.

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