Mars Polar Lander El Rito, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore June. 21, 2018 3464 views

This was unexpected and a fun treat to see. This installation sits on NM-554 - the main street - in El Rito. The man who built it, Pete Garcia, lives behind it. Now retired, he was an educator in local schools and a lifelong resident of the area.

He built this piece out of junk - old computers, discarded TVs, pieces of sheet metal, whatever he could find - for no other reason but to be creative and make people stop. He is currently building another perpendicular to it.

We had a great conversation with him. Among the topics discussed were Trump, his life in the area and the quality of today's schools. He is currently doing work on his property and wall, so if you see him, stop and talk with him. He is intelligent, witty and plain enjoyable to meet.

The artistic, rebel spirit is one of the many things we love about this state.

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