Cañon Plaza, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore July. 06, 2018 566 views

The village of Cañon Plaza, 5 miles NW of Vallecitos in NM-111, is within the boundaries of the pine-filled Carson National Forest. On the day we visited, the sky had been threatening rain all day, and the valley below the village was filled with a misty haze.

NM-111 becomes a dirt road into the forest here, and it is also where the old Santa Fe Trail entered Apache Canyon.

It is sparsely inhabited and a mixture of smaller adobes, modular homes and horse property. We saw no one on our trip here, and that holds true for most of the mountain towns we visit: only those who want to come here do, and life runs at a slower pace.

Time seems to have stopped here. The peaceful tranquility of the mountains warrants that, and while it is not for everyone, we love it.

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