San Pedro, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore July. 25, 2018 558 views

This is what is left of San Pedro. About 180 people live in the area, but San Pedro, which is off NM-344 and about 30 miles out of Albuquerque, is considered a ghost town.

There was an active gold strike here by 1846. A formal townsite was laid out, including a general store, a hotel, three saloons and enough houses for 400 people.

Eventually a large copper mine was opened 2 miles away by the same company. By that time, large scale litigations erupted over mineral rights and many of the town's prominent citizens were jailed after attempting to seize property belonging to the company. The lack of water and cost of litigation spelled the end of the copper mine, but by 1887, gold was found again.

Thomas Wright opened the famous Lucky Mine and the smelter was once again opened. New businesses and homes came to life. Then, in 1888, the courts ruled against the company in regards to mineral rights for several thousand acres.

Mining continued here in spurts through WWI but shortly after, when the price of copper fell, most of the buildings were razed.

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