Villanueva General Store Villanueva, NM

by Bridget Harrington - Michael Moore August. 10, 2018 1433 views

The Villanueva General Store, which is across from the Our Lady of Guadalupe church, makes THE best Frito pie.

We spent about an hour there a few weeks ago talking with the owner, Danny Torrez, and his wife.

They are in the process of making the large back room of the store into a cafe. In the yard behind the cafe are fruit trees and vines - a possible future spot for outdoor seating.

Even better, Danny has a program where he teaches young people both work ethics and cooking/catering/public releations skills. He has a fully-outfitted restaurant kitchen with tools, spices (including New Mexico red chile that he hand-ground) and even an antique cheese slicer (which he has as a decor piece).

He expects to open the cafe, which will employ the kids he mentors, sometime this year.

If you're in Villanueva, check it out! We pass through Villanueva quite often in our travels and always make it a point to stop here. For the Frito pie, of course!

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