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The old saying goes something like, "Never work with children or animals". Well I had the smallest jumping spider I have seen so far (approx. 4-5mm) decide to…

Still sorting through the recovered pics from my crashed hard drive. Found a few more I had forgotten about.

Going through some recovered files from a crashed hard drive and found this one along with a heap of others.

Well, two firsts for me. First trial of Luminar 3 software as well as my newly acquired Olympus 60mm 2.8 macro lens. f/7.1 1/125sec ISO (auto) 10000 Had to…

My black and white 30 day pictorial of the town where we live, taken with my old 2.6mp Canon, is on hold for the next couple of weeks.

Oakey Creek, a tributary of the Condamine River passes through our town. In January 2011 the Oakey Creek flooded, impacting 120 homes and businesses.