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From a time gone by...

From a time gone by...

“The Oakey District Co-Op Butter Company Limited was formed in 1901 and commenced production from their new factory in 1902 (across the creek from the present building) which was later destroyed by fire in 1912.

The company changed its name to The Oakey District Co-Op Butter Association Limited and constructed a new factory (on the site of the present building fronting Bridge Street) in 1913. The building was re-built and modernised in 1929, and again in 1942.

In 1942, there were 33 permanent staff members, a general manager, a secretary, eight office workers, a cream grader, two butter makers, a cream taster, a pasteurising officer, two engine drivers, a boiler attendant and various other positions of receivers, weigh persons, cream can emptiers and washers, butter packers and cleaners.

There were about 500 suppliers of cream to the factory.

After the Second World War, the factory was purchased by Kraft Foods International and the last batch of butter was manufactured on December 30, 1980.” (The Toowoomba Chronicle 05.04.2016)

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