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We have had a new pair of fairy wrens in our yard over the past week or so. I have been able to hear them but not see them. Well, today they decided to show…

We had some scaly-breasted lorikeets pay us a visit today. I thought that our rainbow lorikeets were the juvenile delinquents of the parrot family but these…

Sometimes it just makes me laugh, just how like people animals can be. In our garden we have a ceramic budgerigar sitting on top of some solar garden lights.…

The birds are enjoying our meagre offerings each day. We are trying to give them a little each day at least until this current drought breaks.

In contrast to the loud screeching of the rainbow lorikeets in our garden this little fairy wren is so sweet. HYPERACTIVE but sweet.

The first time we have had a red-winged parrot pay us a visit. The rainbow lorikeets weren't impressed!

These hyperactive little birds are a real challenge. One day I will hopefully get a clear pic of this little male.

Not a very clear image but it shows the hive of activity that is happening at the moment as spring brings a flurry of nest building.

As one of the worst droughts on record continues in my part of the world, any seed offered to the local birdlife seems to be gratefully received.