Mass Observation - Travel and Transport MOP09

by Anna-Marya Tompa June. 06, 2011 890 views

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RIP our car's last journey; 500 yds from home, leaking water and a thorougly burnt out engine.

Vehicles have always made good toys; here some model cars incorporated into an “insect hotel” where they will make useful spaces for bugs of all kinds.

A branch of the Grand Union canal, still being used mostly for leisure transport, with the additinal bonus of towpaths as havens for walkers and cyclists.

Canal barges with their distinctive artwork, once used for industrial transportation, now either as leisure craft or as houseboats for the alternative minded - and a cheaper place to live.

Built in large part by Irish labourers from the late 18th century onwards, canals [] were once the arteries of industrial transportation, waterways that meant livelihood to many workers, still linking cities by waterway. To work like a “navvie” remains in the English language to mean hardworking, and is a legacy of the men who built the navigation canals. With their reputation for hard work they were in demand for railway building and even Alpine tunnel building.

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Art Bee 9 years ago

Lovely colourful modes of transportation indeed! Sorry about your car....hope you won't be without transport for too long. Wonderful post for the MOP!

9 years ago Edited
Pete 9 years ago

love the colourful set

9 years ago Edited
Leslie D 9 years ago

This is a wonderful post and perfect for the MOP.

9 years ago Edited