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by Anna-Marya Tompa July. 26, 2011 1277 views

Saturday walk: Ivinghoe Beacon to Eddlesborough and back

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a walk through the countryside is the setting …

for the drama of life and death.

a uniquely human attribute is the privelege …

to play after labour.

this was to have been the carefully considered half-way point.
what is going on?
on virtually every walk I've recently been on, and also within a twenty minute drive from where I live, one pub after another is closing down. it very much seems to be a moment in social history: the discovery of cheap supermarket wine that can be consumed at home, a taste for continental style cafes, drinking and driving don't mix and pubs are out of the way, the demise of smoking, elderly gents no longer nursing a pint in the snug. pubs only seem to be able to survive if they specialise in niche market provision: wine bar and fancy cuisine (how I hate surveying a menu that offers broccoli coulis on a bed of nails when what I want is chips and a beer), or else the “family oriented” pub which has a raucous play area and serves food in buckets (I'm not knocking it, we used them when children were small); the third option, that we have locally, is horrible beyond description and may be the reason I nurse my half-price supermarket wine at home … so yes, I'm to blame and sorry about the rant.
but it was a particular shame to find this hostelry closed: Eddlesborough is a tiny hamlet mentioned in Domesday book, and I would image that an inn has stood opposite the church since time immemorial; that's a classic English village combination. the derelict pub unbalances the locality.

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Brenda Nelson 9 years, 5 months ago

Interesting images and incredible information about the plight of local pubs! Not having any near us, I had no idea that they were falling by the wayside. Such a part of history for many countries. (And I live in the home state of WalMart, so I have no complaints. My first boss was Sam Walton!)

9 years, 5 months ago Edited
Tahasin Ahmed 9 years, 5 months ago

First one is great

9 years, 5 months ago Edited
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