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by Anna-Marya Tompa December. 20, 2011 735 views

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this lot started when I realised, after clearing my parents' house that I had a few frog toys, including a rattle, from when I was very small; so acquiring some more frog shaped kitsch over the years as mementoes of places seemed quite organic. but I am extremely wary of the idea of “value” in collecting anything, having twice now experienced the lie in this notion. with my father's stuff he convinced me at an early age that he was putting aside a “valuable” stash of stuff which turned out to be false, and I eventually understood that its “value” had been to him as a living hobby but was burdensome when passed on. I'm sorry to say that after heroically trying to sell it or find a home for it, I ended up throwing a lot away and still have stashes that need to be binned; it hurt to undo a life so radically but it felt like leaving no room for my own life. so my own “collections” are worthless and frivolous and entirely for my own pleasure. well, I have tried kissing all of these and they have all proved to be perfectly useless.

on the theme of impermanence I wonder how often someone has taken some of this home as a memento, forgotten about it and found it many months later as a melting sticky summer souvenir. for an explanation both of its nature and its metaphoric application see Brighton Rock [en.wikipedia.org]. Graham Greene's novel makes a particularly harsh play on sentiment.

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Moira 9 years ago

LoL my daughter just bought a mug with a ceramic frog inside it for one of her brother's Xmas present . He used to have a Kermit soft toy as a favourite when a child,which I still have , I'm too sentimental for these type of things.
I can understand your plight with your Dad's "treasures" . I have still quite a few TI's from my parent's home too.
Rock was a favourite holiday present when I was young too.
Great set. TFS

9 years ago Edited
Gillian Parsons 9 years ago

Love the Sweetie Shop Window..........

9 years ago Edited
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