Nagasaki no kane

by Anna-Marya Tompa August. 09, 2015 1955 views

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Friedensglocke aus Nagasaki/Nagasaki Peace Bell, Henri Dunant Museum, Asylstrasse 2, Heiden (Switzerland). "The Henry Dunant Museum staff obtained after many years of contact with the Red Cross Japan and the authorities of the city of Nagasaki a copy of the Angelus bell. The famous original is in one of the oldest Christian churches in Japan. The bell was recovered in the rubble after the atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945, with very few damages. Since 1988, duplicates are cast and given away to places which were the victims of war or natural disasters, such as Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Leningrad or Honolulu. As a major exception, in honor of Red Cross founder Henry Dunant , 13 October 2009, the 100-pound bell was given to the Red Cross museum. The necessary funds were made available to the city by members of the medical faculty of the University of Nagasaki and residents. Over six weeks took the sea voyage of the Peace Bell on the freighter ‘Louise Schulte’ Nagasaki to Hamburg by train via Rorschach to Heiden. Since Monday 29 March 2010 is the Peace Bell of Nagasaki, Japan, in the entrance hall of the hospital. At a later stage the Peace Bell received its final location at the Henry Dunant Museum.

Nagasaki Peace Bell

Bell replica and mount

Ringing the bell

Heiden Rorschach Bahn

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