In The Air - San Francisco, CA

by Eric Smith February. 11, 2010 2680 views

Leaving my existential angst in the dust of Texas, I climb on board a plane not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times today. I went Houston to Albuquerque to Las Vegas to San Francisco and soon will board my final, and by far longest, leg of my journey on New Zealand Air direct to Auckland.

I keep wanting to take photos out of the windows of the plane but have been stuck with aisle seats the whole time. I promise to try my absolute best to get a shot no matter what it takes as I enter New Zealand airspace.

Interesting factoid I just found out. The plane I will be traveling on is actually the fastest commercial airliner in existence today. It tops out at Mach .98 so pretty dang near the speed of sound. If I hear a sonic boom I'll let you know.

I realize one, no two things as I sit here in the airport eating my outrageously overpriced meal and reading my guidebook.

1.This trip is $@#%ing expensive and I won't have ANY money when I get back. I mean I've already shelled out more for bleeding heart charities here in San Fran than I usually do in a few day on food.
2.New Zealand is genuinely unique and I AM going to have a very unique experience there. I mean where else can you not leave your shoes outside the house at night for fear a curious, flightless parrot will steal them?

Now, I have to go check in my bags and meet the people who I'm going to be flying/studying with. Wish me luck and may I not be stuck next to a drooler, snore-er, repugnant BO-er, or fatty.

Turns out I met some cool, cool people in the airport to hang out with. Here's to tomorrow!

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