Happy Belated Halloween

by Eric Alan Dyck November. 05, 2006 3836 views

I really like Halloween. I have lots of great nostalgia, I really enjoy the premise of being someone or something else for a night and I looove Rockets. If you don't know what Rockets are, you should research them, buy them in bulk and eat them until you get canker sores.

When I was a kid, my parents let me go all out with elaborate rentals and accessories. I tended towards black caped figures for some reason, choosing Dracula, Zorro, and the Phantom of the Opera twice each over six Halloweens.

2 random but related Halloween stories:

I was Zorro at age 9, I convinced my mom to buy me a leather braided whip. This turned out to be amazing for my costume, but less so for my brother who probably didn't enjoy the whip oriented games I coaxed him into playing with me for weeks after. “Now you run around in circles, and I'll try and whip your legs.” Fun times.

In grade 6 I was fascinated with the Phantom of the Opera for some reason. I think it was mainly because I had found a creepy phantom mask that had a second layer underneath it, revealling a creepy burn ravaged face. So spooky. The getup consisted of a mock tux, gloves, cape and a bad ass opera hat if there's such a thing. Having shelled out for the elaborate getup, my mom wanted me to get the most out of it. She convinced me to attend a halloween party for all the local middle schools held at JHSS, the highschool I would later attend.

“You see Eric, it says right here in the newspaper that you HAVE to have a costume to get in.”

I went with my friend Steve who also, oddly, chose to go as Phantom of the Opera. He had the same mask, but none of the other gear. When we got there I looked in and saw a hundred of my anonymous peers. Through the tangible haze of insecurity and judgement the crowd was giving off, I noticed I was one of the only people, definitely the only boy, in full costume. Steve slipped his mask off, tucked it into his back pocket and went to stand on whatever side of the gym was opposite the girls. The awesomness of my costume melted under the glares and I slunk off to the basement to play the organ and bemoan my horrible fate.

This year I planned early, but still waited until the last night to throw together my “Shaun of the Dead” costume. I've been told I bear a slight resemblance to Simon Pegg (Shaun), I'm a pretty big fan of the movie and I even had access to a cricket bat. The blood stains are made out of a combination of ink and pommegranite juice. Kerri's mom made her “Glenda the Good Witch” costume from scratch.

Some of the people in my office put together some amazing costumes. My brother, who probably loves Halloween a little more than me went crazy with two amazing Superhero getups (I still love Rockets more).

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