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Wintersleep is a band I've seen live twice now. Around this time last year they came to town and I saw them at Logan's. I knew they were a band from the East coast of Canada and I knew one of their songs from a mixtape my friend Meaghan (also an easterner) made for me. I liked the singers deep yet delicate and always even voice and instantly recognized a ferocious drummer at the core of the band. The latter was confirmed when I went to their show and the drummer, Loel Campbell, had a sign on his kit reading “I breast fed.” Wintersleep plays rock music that alternates between driving, powerful tunes and delicate, almost whispered lullabies.

I think what I enjoy most about seeing Wintersleep live is how much the lead singer, Paul Murphy, genuinely enjoys a good crowd. He smiles sheepishly if anyone in the audience so much as wooo!s. Both times I've seen them there were countless woo's and countless smiles. It all added up to great performances. Though I have to say the second time I saw Wintersleep this past week, it was a little less memorable than the first. Part of this is the lack of a new touring album, also, not to nitpick, but they just weren't as tight this time round.

The pics I took during their show weren't my best, but I think I got some decent shots. I really like the first one as looks like an x-ray. Watch the “danse macabre” video on their website and it'll make more sense. I caught a moment of Loel's frantic, breastfed drum work and also one of Murphys warm grins.

I highly recommend checking out both their first untitled effort and especially their second, self titled album. Check out their great website at It features three videos for some of their best tunes. And if Wintersleep comes within a day's drive of your hometown, be sure to check out their fantastic live show.

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Eric Alan Dyck 10 years, 5 months ago

Thanks. I know what you mean. I took about 50 pics and these were the only decent ones. aaaahhh digital cameras.

10 years, 5 months ago Edited