Revisiting Old Work

by Eric Dion February. 04, 2017 432 views

I read an article a few months back written by one of my favorite photographers David Duchemin. It touched briefly about sifting through your work flow. You pull your favorites to form the body of work you envision at the time. He typically only spends minutes adjusting and creating then the remaining images are saved and resaved. As you begin to grow as a photographer, things become more naturally. Adjustments techniques, style, and art form will change throughout the years. By revisiting old saved work, you can breathe life into recycled images. I chose to try this with some images that were more or less point and shoot at the time. The excitement of our wedding and honeymoon took center stage over proper composition and lighting. After reviewing these images a few years ago they mysteriously were deleted when our external hard drive failed. It was only by luck we were able to retrieve some of them back to our computer. 

18mm, 1/500 @ f6.3, ISO 80


6mm, 1/500 @ f7, ISO 80

6mm, 1/500 @ f5.6, ISO 160

14mm, 1/500 @ f/4.5, ISO 80

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