Hockey Pucks!

by Mike R March. 17, 2009 424 views

My wife's son plays in a men's hockey league and invited us to come watch one of his games. It's kinda neat, as it is a bunch of grown men, ranging in age from early 20s to 40s, and many of them clearly are not “athletes” but get out for some fun and exercise.

I share these images NOT because they are skillfully shot. To the contrary, the shoot was a learning experience for me. I've shot soccer games (see #2 in the set) [], watersports [], even the Indy 500 []. However, last night's attempt posed new challenges in that I was shooting in limited light and trying to capture action. Due to the need for zoom I couldn't even use my sweet little F1.4 lens to achieve a fast shutter speed. The challenge required me to experiment with my flash in ways I had not done previously – learning in the process. I've still got lots to learn AND need a higher speed long lens, but hey, we are all in pursuit of chances to get better, and I think the chance to learn something last night was more important than the quality of the images themselves.

Face off!

(See the description at the bottom of the page for background on this game and the learning experience this shoot became.)

Action! And the very cold lady on the other side of the rink looks very familiar. :-)

In the penalty box. Truthfully this was a team penalty for too many men on the ice, and Paul willingly said, “I'll take it.” Perhaps he wanted a breather.

Someone lose a stick?

And finally, … the ultimate, male power tool. The Zamboni. Having been to professional hockey games a couple of times, every guy in the crowd sits and secretly wishes he was driving the monster machine while everyone in the arena watches.

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Patty 12 years, 6 months ago

Wonderful action shots. My oldest son plays hockey also. I might add this is one [i][b]woman [/b][/i]who sits in the crowd dying to drive the Zamboin as well!! ; )

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Avalon 12 years, 6 months ago

Great post!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Shelly 12 years, 6 months ago

I think you did great. It seems similar to shooting indoor basketball .... I just don't have the equipment needed to get great shots. #1, 2 6 .... alll are good action shots.

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Carey 12 years, 6 months ago

i like them. good job!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Jacki 12 years, 6 months ago

Tough conditions and you did well... 'learning' is what it's all about!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Pennywyatt 12 years, 6 months ago

Great action shots !

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Tonya 12 years, 6 months ago

Action shots are so hard to get indoors. I tried taking photos of a basketball game and that was a joke! These are pretty good! Lots better than mine!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Betsy Murphy 12 years, 6 months ago

I agree with Jennye, good job!
Hockey is such a great sport to watch, so much action!!!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Jennye 12 years, 6 months ago

I think you did a great job!!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Brian 12 years, 6 months ago

I had the same problem when I did the archery set. The light was not the best but it does force us to experiment and learn. Great job!

12 years, 6 months ago Edited
Michael Sakowicz 12 years, 6 months ago

I dig the shot with the Zamboni. I made me think what if you used a very long shutter [on a tripod of course] with a very small aperture. I would love to see the trails the slow-moving 'ice-resurfacer' would create. Just an idea. Cheers.

12 years, 6 months ago Edited