Everville's Creatures Great And Small Posts

Molly, the neighborhood dog that everyone knows and loves. Her family is moving this month…and taking her with them. Molly is going to be missed.

This is not a black widow spider…therefore, she is allowed to live among the leaves of our Easter Lilly.

An open pantry door was all the opportunity she needed. Lucky for us - and unlucky for her - there were just a few crackers left in the box. She didn't panic…

This black widow chose a planter on our porch as the place to hide her eggsack. She wouldn't move away from it, no matter how hard or how far I moved the…

The sirens sounded, the rain started, the hail began to fall…and Slobbermonkey got caught out in it. Post-storm, he was not a happy camper.

This fellow's name is a mystery. He showed up on the dock, engaged us in a few games of catch, and then disappeared again.
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