That passion which become an addiction.

by Ewa Poplawska August. 28, 2019 289 views

Last year, when I started getting into photography, I wanted to shoot as much as possible. When I was not shooting, I was thinking about shooting and about what to learn next. When I was not shooting, I was getting anxious. I think, at that stage I realised, I'm an addict.........I’m addicted to photography.

I was doing online courses, watching you-tube videos but it was only theory, I needed to practice more, I wanted to practice more.

It was so hard with a child, a full time job, short, winter days, the weather, lack of gear. So I came up with the idea to combine two of my hobbies into one and start taking photos of….orchids.

Yes, I love orchids and I have 18 of them. I probably would have more if I had more space to keep them. So here a few of the photos of my orchids which I took last winter. Hope you enjoy them!!

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